Superbox GirlyGirl Super Streusel

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Oh, ladies! This is pure girl magic! We have nearly half a kilo (!!!) of super streusel in the superbox. Pastel magic! It is full of glimmering sugar sprinkles, delicate chocolate balls, sugar sticks and so much love that you start to gasp. Lilac, pink and turquoise sprinkles set the tone here and want to be admired on your baked goods!

The sprinkle mixes are perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes, with the sugar rods you can put letters or shapes. This bulging Superbox is the perfect present for every hobby baker, the best birthday present ever, the ultimate surprise for your girlfriend or just the most incredible surprise for people who really like to bake. You will be assured of eternal gratitude.

The girls' dream Superbox is filled with five super crumble mixes:

* ConfettiBlast

* Unicorn Party (with unicorn sprinkles)

* CandyCrush

* HappyGoLucky

* SweetyPie

On Top:

* large chocolate balls filled with delicate chocolate (pink, lilac and pastel)

* colorful sugar sticks (silver, pink, blue)

* silver sugar triangles

Take care: The long metallic coated rods contain a thin, raw spaghetti (yes, indeed!). They are coated with sugar. Although they are one of the most beautiful that we have in our mixes, they are also the hardest our sprinkle mixes have to offer. So please enjoy with care.

Kindly note: It might be possible that you start to sprinkle with Super Streusel and you feel that you can’t stop. That is absolutely normal, you don't have to worry. Just keep sprinkling :)

Additional product information

Zutaten: Zucker (79,8%), WEIZENstärke, Kartoffelstärke, Glukosesirup, Sonnenblumenöl, Reismehl, Pflanzenöl (Kokos), Milchschokolade [Zucker, Kakaobutter (20% min.), VollMILCHpulver, Kakaomasse, Emulgator: SOJAlecithin, natürliches Vanillearoma], Keksfüllung [Reismehl, WEIZENmehl, Zucker, WEIZENmalzmehl, WEIZENgluten, Salz], Weizengrieß, Stabilisator: Gummi arabicum; Reisstärke, Färbende Lebensmittel: Rote Beete Konzentrat, Apfelextrakt, Zitronenextrakt, Spirulinaextrakt; Farbstoffe: E100, E101, E120, E131, E132, E133, E141, E153, E171, E172, E174; Trägerstoff: E555; Gelatine (FISCH), Überzugsmittel: Schellack, E901, Carnaubawachs, E464; kann Spuren von NÜSSEN enthalten
Energie- & Nährstoffgehalt pro 100g: Energie: 1765 kJ/417 kcal; Fett: 5,6g, davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 3,0g; Kohlenhydrate: 90,7g, davon Zucker: 78,6g; Eiweiß: 0,9g; Salz: 0,1g