SuperBeanie Super Streusel

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This time we'll make it short and sweet. 7 good reasons why our Super Streusel hat will be your favorite companion:

- Instant good mood when wearing it for the first time

- it is bright pink

- it is cuddly tender

- it brings color to grayish dark days

- it says 'super' on the outside, so it's super inside, too.

And two very pragmatic reasons that generally speak in favor of a hat:

- it keeps you warm

- and dry Dani is the biggest beanie wearer ever with a collection of 24.5 different beanies for the colder days.

Your Super Streusel Beanie Judgment: Super !!!!! The perfect choice for everyone who needs a beanie, who doesn't need a beanie, who likes to wear pink, who loves and eats Super Streusel.