SuperBag Super Streusel

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The SuperBag is here!! And it will (at least for a minute) contribute to your general illumination. Why? It's pink, it's gaudy, it's super casual, it's a practical companion in times when you just need a free hand. Your SuperBag is there for you, in good times and bad. You can rely on it, it brings stability to your life

And now let's come to something completely different... A serious product description: Our SuperBag is a jute bag with long-sleeved straps, which means you can carry it over your shoulders. Smooth dimensions of the bag of 40 cm long and 37 cm wide. Plus 15 cm long straps. For an average tall girl like Dani with a height of 1.66 m, the bag already extends a good bit over the bottom (see picture). So take it, your super super bag, and bring color into the world!