SuperApron Super Streusel

19.90 €

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Our Super Streusel apron protects you from the pitfalls of everyday baking. Buttercream, leftover dough, chocolate & Co. will no longer end up on your shirt. Our apron is your new superpower: It fends off insidious attacks from splashing mixers and lets you shine just as much after baking as you did before baking.

We have two apron variants for you: Hot pink with a white print and light pink with a black print. So once loud and once a little quieter.

And from a purely technical point of view: our exaggeratedly beautiful apron is 80 cm long from the bib to the lower end, 70 cm wide from left to right and fits Kati, Dani and Mum top class! A super all-rounder in the kitchen. SuperPractical: the aprons have a pouch on the front for quickly storing towels and odds and ends. The length of the wearer around the neck can be adjusted individually.

(Washable at 60 degrees. But no matter how warm you wash it. You will always look hot in it.)