"We want to make the baking world way more colorful! Because it's easy as pie with Super Streusel. Because it looks exceptionally awesome. Because with Super Streusel you can achieve a truly glamorous baking result within no time at all. "


We run Super Streusel

Us, that's Kati and Dani, founder of Super Streusel. We are sisters. 98 percent of all times in a good mood. We come from a part of Germany where we have sprinkles for breakfast and celebrate carnival all year. With our team of 15 people, we work hard (and play hard) to supply the baking world with the most innovative, delicious and beautiful Super Streusel products.

- By the way: "Streusel" is the German word for sprinkles. You pronounce it "shtroysl"


Unbelievably beautiful, unique sugar sprinkle mixes to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies or ice cream in no time at all.


All of the small and big balls in the mixes are made of delicate chocolate - no more tooth cracking on hard candy balls anymore!


No AZO dyes, all ingredients come from Germany & Europe (no cheap sugar from faaaaar away), 100% edible, meets all EU food standards, hand-mixed in Hamburg.


We create all sprinkle mixes ourselves and developed one of the leading brands in the field of cake decoration in Europe (known by Social Media, press und TV shows, such as RTL and Sat.1 morning shows).

With over 70 different sprinkle mixes in our online shop and over 45k follower on Instagram and Facebook, we are the leading the European sprinkle market.