Sugar Sprinkle Mixes

If you want to bake something unique, like bright colors and unusual combinations, then Super Streusel are your new allround talent and the new secret weapon for all baking ideas in your kitchen. Our high-quality, colorful and hand-mixed sugar sprinkle mixes are the perfect solution when baking should be nice and quick. Find the mix that suits you and let the feelings of happiness sprinkle! With the colorful sprinkles you can save every boring birthday cake, every simple crumble cake or your entire 'back to school' bakery and, thanks to the self-mixed sugar sprinkles, you can conjure up dreamy baking ideas on the table. Sprinkles as a lifesaver. Here you can order your next colorful cake decoration directly online.

Super Streusel-Mixe

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All of our Super Streusel are hand-mixed with a lot of girl power. With an exaggerated passion for colorful things. With an exaggerated amount of enthusiasm to make the baking world a thousand million times more beautiful and unusual. We live for more glamor and less boredom on the cake! Since we didn't know where to submit such a petition, we started this online shop for beautiful, colorful sugar sprinkles. It should help you, your girlfriend, your mom, your sister-in-law, your neighbor and all the other cake crazy girls around you to make life more colorful, glittery and 'uber awesome'.

Looking for a special, perfect gift for your girlfriend? Take a look at our SuperBoxes, so you will surely hit the mark!

What can you do with sprinkles? You can find many great baking ideas and lightning-fast recipes for baking with colorful sugar sprinkles in our recipe category.

If you have a very specific design for your baking project in mind, we can help: individual sprinkles for baking in different colors and shapes are waiting for you with the single-colored sprinkle mixes.