Here you will find the hottest, fanciest and most beautiful new releases from our happy Super Streusel world!

Super super new: our Superbox rainbow, SuperGlitzer in copper, three new products in the color lilac (XL crunchy balls, Rods and the lilac rods & chocolate ball mix), mini chocolate balls in silver, silver sugar squares and two new SuperDrip colors: pink and dark blue!

Also still pretty new: our three sugar sprinkle mixes 'Cheeky Girl', 'Pirate Club' and 'OverThe Rainbow', the pink & blue rods & chocolate ball mixes, chocolate balls in rainbow colors and our reloaded sugar sprinkle mixes "SweetLullaby" (new with moon and stars), 'KissBoomBam' (new with mustache streusel and smoochy mouth) and 'RocketScience' (with rocket sprinkles !!).

But there's something else to come! But first these here: